Custom Canvas & Enclosures

Get more out of your boat by adding a full enclosure. Or we can help you repair your old one. Call for a free consultation and recommendations!

  • Isinglass Replacement – Find your isinglass is starting to show wear and tear? Not ready to give up on your entire canvas enclosure just yet? Contact us about replacing the isinglass today! We offer a variety of types and grades to meet your needs.
  • Zipper Replacement – Have your broken zippers replaced inexpensively while saving your canvas if in good condition, we can also add zipper openings to your preexisting canvas to allow for ventilation.
  • Snap and Zipper Lubrication and Waterproofing – We can replace all broken snaps and lubricating all these moving parts at your boat location so they come on and off smoothly, and also get protection from the elements.

Let us also cleanse and condition all your canvas with a weather repellent solution to add years of life and water repellency to your boat covers.