Cabin Interior Design

We can help you renovate your cruiser, sail boat or houseboat interior fabrics, vinyls, upholstery, draperies, carpet, wall covering, canvas, decor, and much more!

  • Cruiser Interiors – Make your cruiser interior as unique as your taste, this is where you get to let your creativity take over and develop an environment that represents you! We can help you choose carpets, fabrics, and leather like materials to fit your exquisite style. We can also fabricate custom bedding, window treatments, accent pillows; even help you find the most fabulous accessories to complete your boat interior decor.
  • Houseboat Interiors – Your houseboat offers purpose, comfort and luxury on the lake. Keep it updated with the latest upholstery and interior designs. With minor changes you can achieve the elegant boating experience you’ve been dreaming of.  See our Houseboat Renovations Page



Overboard Designs uses only the finest and highest-quality materials. We carry a full line of Sunbrella performance fabrics to ensure you and your boat are protected.

  • Interior Fabrics – Sunbrella interior fabrics help keep your boat’s interior in-style and looking beautiful. Interior fabrics are fit to meet your every interior design need including upholstery, window treatments, awnings and accessories. Sunbrella interior fabrics come in a wider variety of textures, colors and patterns to bring beauty and durability into your interior space.