Marine Upholstery

Whether your boat is due for a complete renovation and design change or you have a minor problem area, Overboard Designs can help! We specialize in marine upholstery ranging from small repairs to full-scale upgrades. Overboard Designs can match original materials exactly or help you find a striking new look and feel for your boat. Our workmanship meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s standards every time. Let us show you just how creative we are!

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Overboard Designs has mastered delivering premium upgrades and renovations to cruisers of all sorts. Your luxury watercraft is meant to look and feel top notch and we can work with you on a design or alteration that will make you fall in love with your boat all over again. From the interior to the exterior, we will design your cruiser to be one-of-a-kind with only the utmost quality.

Wakeboard & Ski Boats

You’ve seen and want the latest wakeboard boats. Let Overboard Designs help you hang with the trends by helping you incorporate the latest designs into your own wakeboard boats at a fraction of the cost of a new one! Contact us today to learn how creative upgrades to your wakeboard boat will have it looking like new in no time.


Upholstery upgrades keep your pontoon pacing with pizzazz. Even minor changes on your pontoon can make a big difference. You’ll enjoy continued comfort while maintaining confidence that your boat is looking its best.  We can make you some very convenient double drink holder devices to match your boat interior colors, these can be moved around as you need them. Vinyl flooring is also a new fresh option for your pontoon boat, with snap in carpet rugs if desired… or many marine grade carpet colors and textures available too!!

Deck Boats

Your deck boat offers diverse ways to enjoy the water. Shouldn’t it feature upholstery indicative of its fun, unique possibilities?  You would be surprised at how inexpensive it is to give your Deck Boat an entire facelift.


Your runabout exudes confidence and charisma. For a fraction of the cost of a new boat, Overboard Designs offers a full range of options for your runabout. Services include upholstery, carpet, flooring, covers, bimini tops, steering wheels, detailing, graphics, and many others. Contact us today to learn more!

Bass Boats

We are capable of reupholstering the seats in your bass boat back to original specs, or we can change out the color scheme, the most popular service offered is deck carpet replacement, choose from a variety of the carpets we carry. We promise fish will be wanting to jump aboard your boat!

Performance Boats

Your boat was built for speed, make sure its upholstery can keep up! Overboard Designs can help you upgrade your boat with the latest colors, designs and style trends to keep your boat looking like the current boats you see on TV. Contact us today to learn about our full range of options from minor updates to extreme interior renovations. We’ll have your boat looking new and turning heads on the water in no time!