11 Nov 2011

The Boating Blues

Do you ever get the boating blues? I sure do! Once it begins to get colder, the leaves are almost off the trees and jeans and sweaters are in my every day wardrobe, I go into hibernation mode and begin to get sad thinking of my fun summer days that have passed.

You must be wondering, “what can I do to not get the boating blues this winter?” and I am here to help!

Here are 4 things to do to get you and your family/friends out of the blues:

  • Plan a schedule of boating tasks: I like to plan a monthly “boating task” for myself to keep me thinking about my great summer days and to remember that boating season is only a few short months away. I begin with winterizing my boat, renovations that have been in need all summer, “winter cleaning and organizing” to do all the jobs I put off during the warm months and more! This way, every month I have a reason to be around my pride and joy and it helps me stay clear of the boating blues.
  • Themed parties: For those of you who leave your boat in a slip, why not have a holiday party on your boat? It will be cold but who cares? Dress warm and hang out on the slip with your friends and family for a winter boat party! If your boat is kept in storage over the winter like mine is, than have a themed party at your house: Beach Party (Bikinis and swim trunks) or Sailor Party (everyone has to come dressed up as a sailor or crew)!
  • Christmas gifts: Let’s not forget that the best gifts given are the ones that give you a reason to visit your boat! I like to ask for new boating supplies or services to update my boat over the winter to keep me excited and anxious for Spring!
  • Boat show- My favorite event! The beginning of the year brings the biggest and most anticipated Boat Show! It is everything a boat owner could want on a cold day! This show helps me “Spring” into boating season! Plus, it gives me something to spend my Christmas cash on!

Boating season is over but as you can see there are plenty of ways to keep you out of the boating blues and eager to jump back into Spring next year!