06 Nov 2011

Finally… The Houseboat Renovation is Complete!

As you can see from the before and after photos below the Overboard Designs houseboat was a disaster when first purchased one year ago! The 90s teal theme on the outside was a sore to see, the interior was grungy and looked like it was straight out of 1990s teens bedroom and it was a project no one wanted to attempt to fix. Many would have thought: just put this boat out of its misery.

However, that is not what Overboard Designs’ owner, Cibele Ziobrowski, thought. She saw a gem. A diamond in the rough. She purchased the boat with every intent to turn it around and make it shine! Cibele took what she knew best, boat exterior/interior renovation, and showed the boating world the amazing work her company is capable of performing/ doing.

This complete re-do consisted of not only all-new upholstery and canvas, but also a new wraparound soffit ceiling with lighting, stripped down and re-stained cabinetry, new window trims, wall paint, new tile floors, new carpet, new fittings and hardware throughout the entire boat, new bedding in all 4 queen rooms, all new appliances, new furniture, new draperies and decorations all throughout, and a new 22ft party top for shade on the top deck making it the ultimate hang out spot!

This four bedroom houseboat is the perfect addition for an individual or couple whom is looking for their first house boat. It is trendy, spacious and great for entertaining. There is a full bathroom with a shower, a half bath with washer and dryer, complete working kitchen, lots of closet and drawer space, and several decks (front deck is completely enclosed) including a large full-length deck on the second story of the houseboat.

If you have an interest in purchasing this first-class boat that was specially designed by Overboard Designs and their crew, contact Cibele at Cibele@overboarddesigns.com or call 678-641-1561.