04 Oct 2011

Why You Should Re-Upholster Your Boat or Personal Water Craft?

We all know the feeling of bringing a new couch home to place in front of our big screens to help us kick off football season the right way. The feeling of bringing home a new boat or personal water craft (PWC) to lead our adventures on the water is multiplied ten fold. We also know the feeling of banning that couch to the basement, or casting it to the side of the road when it seems to have reached the end of its days. It’s a feeling of guilt, and sometimes sadness knowing that something you were once so proud of is now no longer suitable for use. The idea of reupholstering such a thing may seem more difficult and expensive than just buying a new couch. When it comes to our boats or PWC’s, this is a much larger decision. It is not so easy to cast the boat to the side of the road, or hide it in the depths of our basements or attics with the idea of “maybe” using it again someday. And it is definitely not as easy or convenient to just drive to your local store and pick up a new one. So what options do you have? Depending on the condition of the boat and what your attachment level to it is, re-upholstering may be your best bet.

#1 Expenses
Let’s talk expenses. Next to our house, and sometimes even more than our cars, our boats or PWC’s are our biggest investments. Maintaining them can become expensive, but is a necessity to keep them in top condition. Especially during the warmer months, boats get a lot of use and a lot of wear and tear from both people, and the environment. Floors become dingy, and seats become worn and weathered. Eventually they get to a point of no return, and we’d rather hide them away than put them to use. If price is not something you are concerned about, you could purchase an entirely new watercraft and be done. However, for most of us (especially in this economy), buying a new boat or PWC is not a feasible option. Practicality would lead us to re-upholstering, which can be the most affordable way to give your watercraft that “new” look it once had in its earlier days. Re-upholstering your boat is surprisingly affordable these days. It can give you a new watercraft on the surface, while literally saving you thousands!

#2 Quality
This leads us to quality. If you’ve owned your boat or personal watercraft for a while, it may be time to consider re-upholstering the seat cushions, etc. And what you may notice if you’ve even stepped onto a showroom floor for new boats or PWC’s is that “they sure don’t make them like they used to”. If given the chance to go behind the scenes and see what is really under these newer cushions, you’ll discover that manufacturers have been mass producing in a more cost effective way. Sure, newer watercrafts may seem inviting, and boy do they have all the bells and whistles so to speak, but looking past the technological aspects, most of the newer watercrafts lack the quality they once had. Good, high-density foam has gone up in price drastically over the past couple of years, so newer seats are often made with less expensive foam that won’t hold up for nearly as long. Most watercrafts built several years ago were built when there was a much higher standard for watercraft construction. While a new shiny boat may be tempting, you don’t want to lose out on the quality of something you already have. Re-upholstering allows you to hold on to that quality, and simply renewing that surface and look that your watercraft had the day you brought it home.

#3 Personal Attachment

Another thing to consider is your attachment to your boat or personal watercraft. Hours out on the water makes for fun memories and exhilarating experiences that help you to almost “bond” with your watercraft. Perhaps it was given to you by someone special, or perhaps you dreamed of owning a boat since you were young and finally were able to make that dream a reality. Whatever the reason, your sentimental attachment to your watercraft makes for a difficult decision when it becomes old and worn. You realize that something needs to be done, but can’t fathom just letting it go and bringing home a new one. In this situation, “you can have your cake and eat it to” as they say. Why should you have to give up the boat that you love? You don’t have to! If the watercraft is technologically and mechanically sound, you’ll have to do little more than re-upholster it. It’s the closest thing to having a new boat without actually having to buy a new one. Your heart can rest assured knowing that you can have many more adventures on your watercraft, and don’t have to give it up or trade it in just yet.

#4 Profit
If you don’t have that sentimental attachment to your boat or watercraft, and really wish to purchase a new one, need a watercraft of a different size or type, or are on your way out from owning a boat all together, selling then becomes the answer. However, let’s talk expense once more. Selling your watercraft “as is” may bring in enough… but know that you could be bringing in much more. Re-upholstering your boat or PWC prior to selling it may help to increase your profits, and give your boat the price tag that you know it deserves. Many people have even received more for their boats than they originally paid, all due to the masters who re-upholstered it. The cost in comparison is no contest. What you spend on re-upholstering prior to selling, you make up for in profit after it is sold. Nobody wants to purchase a boat that is old, worn, and weathered; unless they plan on reupholstering it, flipping it, and bringing in a profit of their own. Wouldn’t you rather bring in the profit instead? Think of what you could do with the extra money. You may even have enough left over for a few jet skis to tow behind your next boat!

#5 Great Gifts
Besides helping you gain a profit, re-upholstering a boat or personal watercraft can help you gain the reputation as being the “best gift-giver ever”. Re-upholstering someone else’s watercraft as a gift is original, thoughtful, and personable. It can be one of the best gifts you can give to someone who enjoys being out on the water. Think of your close friends, or family who spend their entire summer with their boat out on the lake, or ocean. Giving them a gift that you know they would thoroughly appreciate may typically involve quite a bit of money. However, re-upholstering their watercraft for them allows you to do just that without draining your wallet. You’re basically giving the “gift of new”, without having to buy them something as costly as a boat. And who knows, you may receive more invites from them for fun out on the water, and that’s definitely something to look forward to. After all, you did make their favorite watercraft like new!

As you can see, re-upholstering your boat or personal watercraft has endless perks and possibilities. No matter what the situation, almost everyone can find a reason to reupholster as opposed to ridding yourself of your current watercraft. It’s not nearly as expensive as originally perceived, and can literally change the entire look of your boat or PWC. Whether it’s to save money, hold on to quality, make a profit, give a gift, or to keep the boat that you hold so dear, re-upholstering is the way to go.