11 Oct 2011

Why Fall is the Best Time to Update Your Boat

The crisp chill in the air, the leaves on the ground, and the shorter days can only mean one thing. Yes, ladies and gentleman, fall has arrived! It’s that time of year where it is now acceptable to sport hoodies and suede boots; the time for hot drinks, and bonfires to fill your weekend evenings. Long are the days of sunshine and lake, water games and dockside picnics. This cooler weather, however, is not always a bad thing. It can signal the time for you to do some necessary upkeep on your boat or personal watercraft; it can signal the time for re-upholstering.

#1 Don’t be a late bloomer, be ready for Spring

Fall is ideally the best time to re-upholster your boat or PWC for many reasons. The first couple reasons are obvious ones; you want to get your boat ready to go before you dock it for the winter. If procrastination is your style, part of you wants to put it off. But the other side of you is longing to look forward to pulling out a boat that seems new and shiny come spring, rather than something dingy and old that still requires a lot of work. Nothing kills the excitement faster of waiting all cold season to put the boat back out on the water than having to put it off just a few more weeks to re-upholster it after all that time. Imagine getting the re-upholstery out of the way early, so that the boat you imagine all winter long out on the water is nearly brand new. You wouldn’t park a muddy bicycle in the garage for the winter without first hosing it down. Think of it that way, only on a much larger scale. Completely preparing your boat or watercraft for the following season early can spare you a lot of time, and a lot of headache come spring. Just follow the simple rule of “fix it before you dock it” and we’ll all have a much happier boating season.

#2 Preparing for winter

Another main reason why fall is the best season to re-upholster/update your boat or PWC is the weather. The weather is cooler now, which means days out on the water are becoming fewer and farther in between. Boats tend to see most of their wear and tear during the warmer months, and you can rest assured that re-upholstering during the fall will save you from missing out on valuable weekends come spring time. You are using your boats and watercrafts less often, leaving some time for work to be done on them. While there may still be a few weekends here and there that are still good for an adventure out on the lake, most of us have lost our weekends to football games, fall chores, and school activities. Before you know it, it will be time to winterize and dock, and it will catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared for it!

#3 Price

One final reason why the fall is the best time to consider updating your boat or personal watercraft is the price. Price is something that the majority of us are concerned about, and so it is something that must be carefully considered. While you may want to hold off on re-upholstering, fixing your boat covers and more until the spring because it seems as more of a necessity then, and more of a “want” now, know that you will save money in the long run to do it earlier with our fall discounts!

You can see that there are many reasons to re-upholster/update your boat during the fall. It is the best time of year to do it not only because of the weather and the price, but also because of the time it will save you the following season. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment now. You can then sleep more easily knowing that your boat is tucked away safe, shiny, and new, just waiting to be brought out again in a few months.